Bus driver's Facebook plea to find owner of lost stuffed animal goes viral, works!

LONDON, England -- It will be a crying shame if someone doesn’t write a children’s book about how a bus driver reunited a toddler with her lost lovely this week in London.

A week ago Friday driver Robert Campbell found a well-worn and clearly well-loved pink stuffed bunny forgotten on his bus.

Campbell kept the bunny with him for the rest of his route and snapped some photos of the lost lovely behind the wheel of the bus and operating the ticket machine.

Then he posted the photos on his own Facebook page.

“PLEASE SHARE,” he wrote in the caption.

One week later the photos had indeed been shared more than 16-thousand times. But one of those shares hit the mark.

Kate Gard of Stratford England saw the photos on her Facebook page and instantly recognized the little stuffed bus driver.

Kate’s daughter, Amelia, had kept ‘Rabbit’ as a constant companion since her birth two years ago.

Kate reached out and a reunion was arranged.

Amelia, Rabbit and Robert all met aboard Robert’s double-decker bus Friday morning in East London.

“Amelie was full of smiles when reunited with Rabbit who has been her constant companion since birth,” wrote Transport London on its Facebook page. “They even tested the horn on a 425 double decker in celebration”

Now someone get to work on that beautifully illustrated kids books won’t you?!