Burien families face eviction after new apartment management company takes over

BURIEN, WA - Dozens of Burien families are looking for a new place to live after they found out they would be evicted from their apartments my new management.

At the Fox Cove apartments in Burien, there are 36 unites. Many of the people who live there are worried in the next few days they may be homeless.

Burien City officials say a new company bought the Fox Cove apartments in September. City officials say the new company has plans to restore the complex and most likely will raise rates.

People who live in the complex say they’ve received notices to vacate or face eviction since the new company took charge.

“You want to make this place a brand-new place, but what about the people who live here now,’ said Jay Kayy.

Kayy, her husband and her four kids have lived in fox cove apartments for a little more than a year.

She says her family had fallen on hard times and thought the apartment complex would be a chance for them to get a fresh start.

“We were homeless; we found a place; now, we’re about to be homeless again. I can’t catch a break,” she said.

Many share Kayy’s fears.

Several units are in the process of boxing up their belongings. One renter said they were taking a truck full of their belongings to a storage shed because they have nowhere else to go.

Burien city council addressed the issue at its council meeting.

“These are families, low income individuals, and disabled individuals that will be displaced and facing homelessness,” said councilmember Krystal Marx.

City officials say they are in the process of working with the new property owners, but some are concerned something needs to be done fast.

Burien city council meets Monday and has this issue on the agenda.

Q13 News reached out to both the current and new property owners, but we have not yet heard back.