Burglary suspect shot by deputy in 2014 sues King County

SEATTLE (AP) — A burglary suspect shot by a King County sheriff's deputy in 2014 is suing the county, saying he was unarmed, running away and posing no danger when the officer fired.

Tyrone Williams filed the lawsuit Tuesday. It alleges the shooting, by Deputy Brian Belongia, violated his constitutional rights. It also says Belongia's qualification to carry a firearm had expired.

Belongia and another officer had responded to a burglary call and upon arrival, two men ran out of the house.

A sheriff's office spokeswoman told reporters that one of them rushed deputies. One deputy fired a Taser, and when that failed, the other shot.

But the lawsuit says Williams was fleeing — not charging.

A shooting review board voted that Belongia's firearm discharge was justified, based in part on testimony that Williams had charged Belongia.

Sheriff John Urquhart told The Associated Press that Belongia's qualification to carry a firearm hadn't expired.