Burglars posing as aggressive vacuum salespeople? Don't get cleaned out

EVERETT, Wash. -- Police say a group of three people might be breaking into homes after posing as vacuum salespeople. The group consists of possibly four people -- one woman and three men.

Police say they might be linked to at least three break-ins.

Everett police say the group is traveling around in a 1993 maroon Ford van.  Its believed they are going door to door, acting as vacuum salespeople to gain access to a home to case the interior and then later break into the house.

The group might be connected to a burglary in the 2100 block of E. Grand Avenue, on 7th Street and on Waverly Avenue.

One homeowner, Veronica Marler spoke with Q13 Fox News and says the group was aggressive in trying to get into her home.

"She just came and knocked on the door and wanted to show me this carpet-cleaning stuff. I told her no, I was busy. I had to go. She was very persistent, she wouldn't take no for an answer at all," Marler said.

At one point she had to slam the door in her face.

"It was kind of weird; it was, why do you want in my house so bad?"  Marler said.

At no point did the salesperson show any kind of identification or a license to prove she was a representative of the vacuum company.

Police say its important to ask for that information upfront and to never let anyone inside your home.  Also, you should contact the company yourself to schedule a time for a cleaning.  If you think there is something suspicious about the salesperson, call 911.