Burglars hit at least 6 homes in Covington neighborhood in a week; some enter as families sleep

COVINGTON, Wash.  -- At least six homes in a Covington neighborhood have been hit by thieves since January 1, the King County Sheriff's Office says. The majority of the break-ins occurred along SE 270th Street.  In at least two of the cases, families were home and asleep.

Victims such as Suzanne Edwards are now living in fear.

"It's one of the most traumatizing things we've experienced," Edwards said.

Her home was targeted early Sunday morning.  A thief came through a dog door and stole thousands in electronics.  This happened while the family, including three young children, slept upstairs.

"I am afraid to be here.  I am afraid to sleep, I don't sleep at night.  I'm too afraid that, you know, every noise I hear, I think somebody is in my house," Edwards said.

What is even more terrifying for Edwards, her daughter heard the burglar downstairs.

She said her daughter told her: "Mom, I heard someone jiggling the door last night and then about five minutes later, footsteps inside. I was too afraid to get up and tell. I just went under my covers."

The King County Sheriffs Office says they're beefing up patrols in the area and are investigating the string of burglaries.  At this point, investigators believe at least three of the cases are related.

Edwards and several other neighbors are now banding together and working to establish a neighborhood watch.