Burglar threatens police with hand grenade, standoff lasts for hours

Everett -  The man who barricaded himself inside the home he was burglarizing was arrested after a 9 hour standoff with police. 

During the standoff the suspect claimed he had a hand grenade and was not afraid to use it.

Charles Mister said he saw a suspicious man hanging out in his neighborhood around 1 p.m Friday afternoon. Mister was getting out of his car when he says he saw the man bash in the window of a home in the 3800 block of Wetmore Avenue.

He immediately called 911 leading to the standoff with authorities including a SWAT team. Dozens of people were evacuated from the neighborhood and dozens of other neighbors gathered nearby to see scene. SWAT officers used a PA system urging the suspect to come out with his arms up. The  man didn't budge even after police used a flash grenade.

The suspect was hiding out in the attic of the home for much of the standoff but when the SWAT team stormed in he was found hiding in the crawl space.

The man who owns the home says police called him in the afternoon about the burglary. When the  man rushed home he says the shock sank especially after hearing about the hand grenade.

Luckily the man was detained with no one injured and the house intact.