Bubby's parents wait for decision on whether they will get their son back

TACOMA -- Monday was the final day of a lengthy hearing regarding the well-being and shelter care of 9-year-old Bubby Everson.

Child Protective Services removed Bubby from his home last month after doctors from Seattle Children's Hospital raised concerns about his care from his parents.

CPS argues that returning Bubby to his parents would place the boy in harm's way. An attorney argued that Bubby's parents exaggerate his medical conditions to gain attention and donations from the public.

Bubby's parents say they get him the care and medical attention he needs. They say CPS has not shown Bubby is in any clear danger.

A Pierce County judge will issue a statement with a list of findings in the coming days.

After Monday's hearing, Bubby's father, Thomas Everson, responded to the case.

"If they had such a concern, why did they not attempt to contact us?" Everson asked.