Bronze statue cut down at the ankles, stolen from Auburn community center

A bronze statue of a girl outside the Auburn’s Community & Event Center has gone missing. Thieves sawed the statue at the ankles and ran off with it.

According to sculptor David Varnau, it is the second theft over the past six weeks of that sculpture. A similar theft took place in King County in December at a private residence.

"They basically have bronze that can only be used for scrap at this point," said Varnau.

He has been in contact with the foundry that poured the original cast of his artwork—they told him the scrap was likely worth $300 at most, the sculpture was worth well over $10,000.

It is unclear if the two incidents are connected. Varnau told FOX 13 News that the most recent incident was caught on camera; it appears someone used a sawzall to cut through the bronze in less than two minutes. 

He noted that future editions of the statue will be reinforced to avoid a similar fate. Luckily, a few more editions can be made; he commissioned the sculpture as one of 25, meaning he’s still allowed to cast a few more. 

However, there is frustration that someone would steal his artwork.

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"For me as a sculptor, it’s sad that someone would abuse a piece of art like that," said Varnau. "It brings a lot of joy to the community."