Bridging the Divide: 'Head Tax' repeal

Bridging the Divide is a weekly series that brings opposing sides of a controversial topic together, face-to-face. Each week, Brandi Kruse hosts the two sides for a positive dialogue on issues ranging from gun control to policing, to politics.

This week: The 'head tax' repeal

The heated debate over a new tax to help battle the homeless crisis came to a head this week when the Seattle City Council voted to repeal it – just weeks after passing it unanimously. Nearly 50,000 people signed a petition to send the "head tax" on big business to voters, which prompted the abrupt reversal from Seattle leaders. In an effort to find a path forward, we brought two side of the debate together, face to face.

Erika Nagy is a Ballard resident and member of the group "Speak Out Seattle!" She also volunteered with the campaign to have the tax repealed.

Andrew Coak works for the Downtown Emergency Services Center. As a delegate for SEIU Healthcare 1199, he also sat on a task force that recommended the head tax to the city in the first place.