Bridal party poses with puppies (!!!) instead of flowers

Who needs bouquets when you have puppies!?

A bridal party in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ditched their flowers for some furry friends: Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth and Louisa. The litter of boxer-coonhounds are sisters and named after the five first ladies of our country.

The bride, Sarah Crain and her husband Mat works at the Pennsylvania shelter where these cuties were brought at just under a week old.

The couple has a huge passion for rescue dogs and they wanted to incorporate their love for them on their big day.

And the photos have taken off on social media.

"It kind of took off, and 10,000 likes later, and thousands and thousands of comments of people tagging each other and their best friends," said photographer Caroline Logan. "The entire bridal party was able to focus on just loving on the puppies and interacting with them instead of being concerned about how do I pose, where do I stand, do I look ok?"