Brave clerk fights off armed robber with metal napkin dispenser

BURLINGTON, Wash. -- Cops are on the hunt for a serial armed robber and police say his last target was a clerk inside the Lafeen’s Donut shop on November 30.

But thanks to a brave store clerk police now have a clear view of the suspect’s face.

Investigators think the same man is responsible for robberies stretching from Burlington to Bellingham.

“It just makes me mad,” said clerk Sara Mora, “It makes me angry.”

Mora was working in the back of the store when she heard a customer walk in.

But when she saw a man guy holding a gun, she did exactly as she was told.

“Right when he flashes his gun I’m like, whoa,” she said. “This is the end of me, my life ends right here.”

The thief made Sara empty the register. But when the suspect turned to cut the phone lines, Sara made her move and armed herself with a metal napkin dispenser.

During the struggle Sara pulled down the suspect’s hood. Investigators said the image of the man captured on video is their best chance to identify the suspect.

“It gives us a very description of who we’re looking for,” said Officer Jed Cates of the Burlington Police Department. “He’s obviously shown that he’s willing to do it, this has occurred 4 times in Bellingham.”

Investigators believe the suspect is responsible for other armed robberies in Bellingham; several were also captured on surveillance video.

“Our fear is he could escalate even further,” said Cates.

Police think the suspect could be using silver, Nissan Pathfinder that was caught on camera near Lafeen’s.

Sara hopes someone can recognize the suspect and get him off the streets. She also has a message for the stranger.

“You’re going to get yours for sure,” she said. “You really messed up my mind and I hope you realize what you’ve done to me.”

If you know the gunman’s identity call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.