Boys and Girls Club staffer uses handyman skills to help kids succeed this school year

Preparing for the upcoming school year is a challenge that means thinking outside the box, and that is what one man is doing in Everett.

At the Cascade Boys and Girls Club in Everett, Ross Beach is like a jack of all trades.

“My passion is building and fixing things,” said Beach.

Beach’s official title is site director, but he goes above and beyond by constructing games and toys for the kids.

“I’ve made huge Yahtzee dice, we have giant Jenga with out of four-by-fours, and then I have a huge, huge Kerplunk,” he said.

He’s recently focused his efforts on a different kind of construction; he’s building a way for his kids to succeed during this upcoming school year.

“Cubby-cubicles for the kids to do their schoolwork,” he said. “Since they all have to use Chromebooks, there will be two to a cubby, and they will be divided by these shields here. So, each kid will have their own workspace,” said Beach.

Beach is using wood to construct the dividers for the cubicle space. He is then building the plastic partitions which go between the children, so they are able to focus on schoolwork and do so safely.

“No matter what games or things I build, this is the most important stuff because they can still get their education,” said Beach.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Snohomish County are offering childcare day-programs during the school year due to the pandemic.

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