Boycott grows against MAP test

testsSeattle - More teachers are now refusing to administer the Measures of Academic Progress or MAP test.  Not only are the same half dozen schools boycotting the tests but more elementary and high school teachers are joining the fight.

A press conference is scheduled on Monday at 4:30 p.m. at the Garfield Community Center. All boycotting schools including new additions will have a representative at the press conference to answer questions.

Schools across the district are gearing up for the spring version of the assessment test.

Teachers at Garfield and several other schools boycotted the winter version of the test but relented under pressure from Superintendent Jose Banda.

Earlier this month Banda said he would not discipline any teachers who said they would not give the MAP test after every school ultimately gave the test and met the deadline.

Opponents say the test is too expensive, a waste of precious student time and a poor measure of academic skills. Q13 Fox will have more on the story throughout the day.