Bonney Lake homeowners want to know what city is doing about their flooded roads

BONNEY LAKE - Homeowners in one Bonney Lake neighborhood want some answers. Their main access roads have been flooded out for weeks, and they say the city isn’t doing enough about it.

Eileen Bradley didn’t use to have waterfront property, but she does now. 187th Avenue East has turned into a lake.

“The water has been rising constantly since December, it rises even on days when there is no rain.”

The water is three feet deep in some places, so it’s not safe to drive across. Some of her neighbors have started using boats to get to their homes. But not everyone has a boat.

“We can't get our garbage picked up,” says Bradley. “We can't get anything delivered to our house.

The city is finally responding. This weekend, fire crews met with homeowners and mapped out alternate routes in case there is an emergency in the neighborhood.

“I think they're beginning to understand what a hardship it is for the folks in here,” says Mark Kempton.

But right now, the city doesn’t have known what to do about the water. According to a letter sent by the city manager Friday, they’ve discovered natural occurring springs nearby. So they don’t think pumping it out will work.

They’re hoping the water will start to recede on its own, if there’s a period of dry days. Homeowners say that’s not enough.

“They’ve told us that they realize it's inconvenient. Well, I think it’s way more than inconvenient at this point. I think it's really dangerous,” say Bradley.

“My concern is this water will recede and all this will get swept under another wet winter,” adds Kempton. “Then we won't really have a solution in place. We're looking for a long term solution that will keep this from happening again.”

The city is hosting an open house for homeowners, to answer questions about the flooding. It starts at 6 pm Monday night in the Bonney Lake Justice & Municipal Center Council Chambers.