Boeing CEO talks of space flight, space taxis, and tax breaks

Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing, spoke Wednesday with the owner of Atlantic Media on a wide range of subjects including the future of space flight. He says it is something the company is already working on. Currently, there are companies looking at space tourism, including space hotels, and manufacturing in space. Tourists and workers will need ways to get there. Right now, Muilenburg says the limitations are the cost to launch.

“Once you get enough destinations and you can economically spread that cost,” said Muilenburg. “And with the technology breakthroughs we’re already working on, on affordable space access, that will create an ecosystem that I think will be vibrant.”

He went from there, to flying taxis. He told the audience that Boeing is working on high-density transportation, which includes small-scale helicopters and small electric planes.

“We just launched a Go Fly competition across all of the U.S., across the globe. We’re offering $2,000,000 to whoever can bring the most capable, most implementable urban taxi solution,” said Muilenberg. He added that he believes the tech is doable.

Bradley also asked about President Trump’s tweeted back in December regarding a new Air Force One.

He wrote “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!” !” Muilenburg said he was surprised by the tweet since Boeing wasn’t under contract to build one. He subsequently had discussions with the president about the issue. The government has now purchased two next-generation 747’s that will replace the current presidential planes.

On tax reforms and cuts, he says reforms are needed. “We know it’s a big enabler. It will unleash the economic horsepower of the country.”  He added that there’s enough common space on the issue to where we can come up with a good solution that will create jobs.