Body of actress Misty Upham positively identified; coroner says she died Oct. 5

AUBURN, Wash. -- The body of actress Misty Upham, 32, was positively identified Friday. The medical examiner said she had been dead since Oct. 5.

The cause of death had not yet been determined, the King County Medical Examiner's Office added.

The Auburn Police Department said they found no signs of foul play when her body was discovered by family members Thursday down a 150-foot embankment near the White River in Auburn.

Upham, who  had small roles in "Django Unchained" and "August: Osage County," and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her performance in 2008's "Frozen River," was last seen Oct. 5 walking from her sister's apartment in Muckleshoot, Wash., according to a statement sent to media outlets by her father, Charles Upham.

Upham was reported missing by her family Oct. 6.

“We have a lot of things to do before we get some closure,” said her father, Charles Upham.

One of those things is to question the police. The family released a statement on Misty`s Facebook page on Friday blaming the Auburn Police Department for not doing enough when they reported her missing two weeks ago.

“They did not follow through with the investigation, they minimized, marginalized every sense of urgency, they would not look for her,” said uncle Robert Upham.

“We had a missing person case on file assigned to a detective who took it very seriously and put a lot of time into it and had some leads,” Auburn police Cmdr. Steve Stocker said.

Misty's father said he believes her death was an accident. Her sister told Q13 FOX News the 32 year-old suffered from bipolar disorder and that she was distraught the night they called police for help.

They say Misty took off and they believe she tripped and fell down a steep cliff just a block and half away from where she was staying with family.

But fellow actress Juliette Lewis called for an investigation into the death, hinting at possible foul play.

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“I am not aware from any of our reports that Misty was having problems with anybody; it’s all new to us,” said Stocker.

Upham also had roles in the TV series "Big Love" and the TV movie "Skinwalkers."

She was currently shooting a film called "Crawlspace," according to the Internet Movie Database.