Blow darts found in Clallam County waterfowl

SEQUIM - Someone is targeting waterfowl in Clallam County with blow darts, the Peninsula Daily News reported.   

Two sea gulls were reportedly attacked, the Peninsula Daily News reported. One gull was spotted at Ediz Hook in Port Angeles with a dart through its leg, another sea gull was found with a dart in its chest in Port Angeles, Center director Jayne Moore told the paper.

Neither bird has been captured, meaning that it's probably in pain or dead, Moore said.

Moore contacted the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Sequim Police Department about the injured ducks, but it's unlikely that anyone will be charged with the crimes.  

"Unless you have an eyewitness, there's not a whole lot that can be done," Moore told the News.

Under state law, the crimes are first-degree unlawful hunting of wild birds, a gross misdemeanor, or second-degree unlawful hunting of wild birds, a misdemeanor, according to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.