Blitz surprises Tacoma elementary school for DEA 'Red Ribbon Week'

TACOMA -- Students at Fawcett Elementary got a surprise visit Tuesday from the Drug Enforcement Agency that included the Lincoln High School Marching Band and cheerleaders along with the Extraordinary Futures dance group.

The kids quickly realized it wasn’t a normal day at school when Blitz from the Seahawks rode in on top of a DEA Hummer, leading to squeals of joy.

It was all part of the DEA’s Red Ribbon Campaign.  Students all over the U.S. are wearing red ribbons this week in memory of DEA agent Kiki Camarena, who was murdered by a drug cartel in 1985.

“The message we want all the children to take away from here is make good choices, live a healthy lifestyle, be productive and just take care of themselves,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge Keith Weis.

Students also got to talk with a DEA pilot, clandestine lab investigator and intelligence analyst.  A DEA helicopter even did a couple of laps over the kids who were gathered behind the school.

The Tacoma Police Department had several officers in attendance as well.  At the end of the program, I led all of the children in the Students’ Pledge.

✓ I pledge to stay in school and learn the things that I need to know.

✓ I pledge to make the world a better place for kids like me to grow.

✓ I pledge to keep my dreams alive and be all that I can be.

✓ I pledge to help others and to keep myself drug free.