Bleach mistakenly served to 30 toddlers in day care center

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- Bleach-laced water in Dixie cups was given to 30 toddlers at a day care facility in an apparent accident, WPIX-TV reported Thursday.

All of the  kids were taken to the Jersey City Medical Center to be checked out. All were OK despite drinking from the cups.

“The report we were given is that a cleaning solution was made up at the day care yesterday with a small amount of bleach mixed into a bottle of water.  Unfortunately, it was not labeled and somebody thought it was regular water and served some small Dixie cups of this solution to the children at the day care,” said Dr. Michael Bessette of Jersey City Medical Center, WPIX reported.

The concentration of bleach was very low, so the kids were fine.

The big issue now is figuring out how the bleach-laced water was served to children.

The hospital says it was the result of a terrible mistake by a day-care worker who was just hours into her first day on the job.

“It bothers me and that’s why I want to investigate this, because I have to find out,” said Keith Kearney of the learning center.

Kearney later informed PIX 11 News that the worker has been fired.