Blast brings down last of Glines Canyon Dam; Elwha River flows free

This is what the dam area looked like before Tuesday's final blast. (Photo: NPS)

After the final explosion, the Elwha River pushes through the area where the Glines Canyon Dam once stood. (Photo: NPS)

OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK, Wash. -- The final dynamite blast to demolish the Elwha River's Glines Canyon Dam occurred at 4:12 p.m. Tuesday, the Olympic National Park said.

The explosion pulverized the remaining 30 feet of dam and its underwater support structure known as the dam apron, the park said.

Blasting experts had packed holes in the structure with dynamite and set the charges.

“This final blast is a milestone – the Glines Canyon Dam no longer exists,” said Olympic Natinal Park Superintendent Sarah Creachbaum.

The contractor estimates another six to eight weeks of work to remove the rubble and debris from the channel.

“Like so many others, from our visitors and neighbors to the hundreds of interested scientists and students, we are excited to watch the (river) restoration process continue to unfold in the coming years,” remarked Creachbaum.

Background and more information about preparations for Tuesday's explosion can be found at the Elwha River Restoration Blog

Part of the Glines Canyon Dam can be seen in the background and in the foreground is what had been Lake Mills. (Photo: NPS)