Black ice a concern for Snoqualmie Pass drivers

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. -- All eyes are on the mountain passes since this weekend’s storm dumped almost a foot of snow in some places.

Interstate-90 was in pretty good condition Saturday night where the roads were only slightly wet with some slush. But temperatures at the pass are expected to drop into the 20’s over night and that means black ice could form on the roads.

It’s a far cry from Friday night when drivers were tossed off the road left and right.

“People haven’t properly gotten ready for winter driving,” said Sgt. Curt Boyle with the Washington State Patrol. “The weather can change so quickly in November.”

A snowplow worked overtime clearing the parking lot at a summit gas station. Drivers say the climb to the top wasn’t too bad as long as you don’t exceed the speed limit.

“We were definitely slowing down,” said John West. “It’s down to 55 miles per hour, we have chains if we need them but I don’t think we will.”

Shannon Loomis and her family were headed to the Tri-Cities. She says if you follow her rules of the road, drivers will make it over the mountains in one piece.

“Drive safe, don’t text,” said Loomis. “Stay off your phones.”

Motorists heading over the pass to the Seahawks game on Sunday will still need to pack chains and patience as more snow is in the forecast.

“There’s going to be a lot of people going over the mountain,” said Boyle.