Black Friday shoppers line up in Seattle on Thanksgiving night

SEATTLE – Eager holiday shoppers got In line at their stores of choice to shop on Thanksgiving night.

The Best Buy at Northgate opened its doors to well over 100 people around 5 p.m. Bobby Hollowell was the first person in the line. He camped out at Best Buy starting at 10:30 a.m. and said it’s worth it for the savings.

“I’m going after all the BluRays and 4Ks I have a collection of 300 and every year I add to it because this is the best time to buy them,” said Hollowell. “It’s actually calm, orderly people aren’t trampling over each other. It’s actually a lot better.”

Christian Jorge is in Seattle for a couple days. He’s from the United Arab Emirates and said he lucked out to be in the United States during this big shopping holiday.

“I’ve been tracking these devices for a long time,” said Jorge. “I’m a flight attendant so I don’t live in the US and I just came for two days, so it’s really lucky timing to spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the US and then go back home.”

Shawnie Fitch said her television went black the night before Thanksgiving, so this was perfect timing.

“We timed everything that we just pulled out the turkey when I left so that by the time I get back it’s all nice and rested and it’s ready to go,” said Fitch.

General Manager Chris Smith said this year was much calmer compared to Black Friday’s past. He said his team prepared to welcome in 5-thousand shoppers on Thanksgiving night.

“A lot of people who do a lot of great work overnight,” said Smith. “We were here late last night and they come back today. You don’t have success like this without a lot of good people that work for you.”

Best Buy stores will be open until 1 a.m. Thanksgiving night, then open right back at 8 a.m. Friday.