Bird flu found in ducks, geese at Bellevue and Seattle parks

Officials with Public Health - Seattle and King County announced that several wild ducks and geese found on public parks in Seattle and Bellevue have tested for bird flu. 

The birds were found on May 22 at Green Lake and Volunteer parks in Seattle and Bellevue Downtown Park. 

Avian flu confirmed in Pierce & Whatcom Counties, no immediate public health concern

Cases of avian influenza have been detected in two additional Washington counties: Pierce and Whatcom. However, the Washington State Department of Agriculture said that there is no immediate public health concern. 

Last month, the Washington State Department of Agriculture announced the state’s first case of bird flu. There were confirmed cases in 11 domestic, backyard flocks in eight counties. 

The health department is advising people to not transport wild birds or keep them in their homes or yards. 

People should not approach or touch the birds.

Anyone who may have touched or come within six feet to any sick birds at the locations, is asked to call King County Public Health at 206-4774.

Bird flu kills 37 million birds in US, just detected in Washington state backyard flock

Bird flu is killing an alarming number of bald eagles and other wild birds, with many sick birds arriving at rehabilitation centers unsteady on their talons and unable to fly. Cases were also just confirmed in a Washington state backyard flock.

To report sick or dead birds to the Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife, click here:

The WSDA said if your flock experiences a sudden death or illness of multiple birds should call the sick bird hotline at 1-800-606-3056.