Bevell talks Thomas Rawls, Doug Baldwin and the opportunities all those injuries created

SEATTLE – You don’t have to read very far between the lines to figure out that Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was not the guy pushing to pick Thomas Rawls out of the scrap heap after the NFL draft last spring.

That doesn’t matter now. What matters is that coach Pete Carroll was excited enough for the both of them about the former Central Michigan star.

“Coach really was a champion for him,” Revell told Q13 FOX in an exclusive interview this week. “In the process of going through the draft, that was kinda Coach Carroll’s favorite guy. You’ve gotta give credit to (general manager John Schneider) and Pete for being able to find a guy like that where we were able to get him.”

The Seahawks have become something of experts when it comes to picking up running backs off the scrap heap this season. They’ve had to; with injuries first to Marshawn Lynch, Rawls and Jimmy Graham, Seattle has found itself rethinking its offensive identity again and again.

“Those are big-time players …” Bevell said. “And then we’ve had to shuffle a little bit in the offensive line as well and we’ve had guys in and out of there. So those things can really challenge you. It’s made us, as coaches, move some things around and obviously players have to step up and it gives guys opportunities.”

Bevell said he’s enjoyed showing people just how effective Russell Wilson and the rest of the offense can be in the passing game.

“I think the fact that we’re known as a running team – that’s what we really hang our hat on and that’s really our philosophy – and I think people all the sudden say ‘well they can’t throw the ball,’” he said. “I think you’re seeing we do have the ability, it’s just our focus is (usually) on the run game. And so it’s real exciting to see those guys come alive. To have a guy like Doug (Baldwin) that’s leading the league in touchdowns and scoring, and Tyler (Lockett) as a rookie to be making the impact that he’s having for us …”

Bevell said that while it’s proven challenging, all the turnover this season has created opportunites for the coaches to be created and for up-and-coming players to prove themselves.

"We wouldn’t have known about Thomas Rawls if that hadn’t happened and fortunately we have a guy there who we feel is capable,” Bevell said. “We lose Jimmy, but now all the sudden we have Luke Wilson there that’s able to come in and step up and have a big role for us as well. So it helps those guys develop, but it really hurts that you lose those big playmakers.

“Obviously we’d love to have Marshawn Lynch back – we hope that he gets back. We know that we won’t get Thomas Rawls back. But the guys that we put in there – I mean (Christine Michael) has stepped up for us, Bryce Brown’s done a nice job for us. So we’ll just continue to have the 'next man up' mentality and go to work.”