Best friends connect over matters of the heart

Kami Sutton and David Krueger are best friends that share a lot in common, including heart disease.

Born with multiple heart defects, Kami has already had 20 surgeries in her lifetime.   Her first operation came just 12 hours after she was born.  The 28-year-old has also had open heart surgery and now has a pacemaker.

In his early 20's, David passed out in his dorm room at the University of Washington.  He was later diagnosed with Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome.  An extra electrical pathway between the heart's upper chambers causes it to beat more rapidly.

Kami and David have been friends since the first grade, and say their shared challenges with heart disease have brought them closer together.

This weekend, the pair will walk together in the American Heart Associations annual Heart Walk in Seattle.  They're sharing their stories to raise awareness and funds for the AHA.

The walk takes place this Saturday, October 15th, at 9am, starting at the Seattle Center.  If you'd like to learn more click on the link below.