Deadline passes after Bellingham tells residents of homeless camp to clear out

The deadline set by Bellingham city officials has passed for residents occupying a homeless camp near the Civic Athletic Stadium to vacate the area. 

In a statement from Mayor Seth Fleetwood, a deadline was set for 4 p.m. Friday for people at the encampment to clear out of the site after notices were posted on-site. Fleetwood said there wasn't a planned dispersal today and no actions by police or the city have been taken following last week's homeless encampment clean-up.

"We established a deadline of 4 p.m. today, and posted notice of it on-site, for people to leave the Geri field parking lot. We never said there was a planned dispersal action today. We do not provide details of our operations, especially knowing there are hostile protestors who wish to disrupt our efforts, as evidenced by our experience at City Hall on January 28," said Fleetwood. 

A spokesperson for Bellingham Police Department, Lt. Claudia Murphy said in a statement no officers are currently on-site as several people remain at the encampment.

Last week, dozens of protesters and campers were on-site packing belongings into vehicles at the encampment outside City Hall as a clean-up got underway. People without permanent shelter had set up tents and were living at the site since mid-November to protest the lack of housing in the area.

Protesters were chanting, "We protect people, you protect property." While many residing at the encampment were leaving peacefully, several protestors assaulted officers who were maintaining a safety line, police said.

City officials said four people were arrested on suspicion of charges including assault and disorderly conduct.

The Associated Press contributed to this story. 

This is a developing story.