Bellevue's Snowflake Lane kicks off, with changes this year due to COVID-19

Friday Snowflake Lane kicked off the 16th year of the annual holiday tradition, however this season will be much different.

Like a lot of holiday traditions, COVID-19 is impacting Snowflake Lane this year.

On the website it states:

In accordance with CDC guidelines and social distancing requirements, the annual Snowflake Lane parade is canceled. Instead, The Bellevue Collection will feature a walk- or drive-through experience of classic Snowflake Lane décor, colorful lights, joyful music and, of course, intermittent snowfall along Bellevue Way between Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square.

For some folks, this change in the event actually gives them a chance to enjoy it.

“It’s our first time being able to come because it’s been too crowded before. So, it’s kind ov nice without the parade to get to enjoy the lights,” said Natasha Hurst.

Hurst has two sons under the age of six.

She says she’s tried to take her family to see Snowflake Lane for the last two years but has not been able to with how busy it is.

She says her kids don’t know they’re missing out on any of the events that would usually take place, so they’re able to have a great time.

“Our family just doesn’t like crowds,” she said.

The drive-through, or walk-through Snowflake Lane event will go on every night from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The last day is on Christmas Eve.

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