Being a neighbor during a pandemic has taken on a new meaning

SEATTLE -  Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a movement in North Seattle.

“We are cooking meals and delivering them to people,” Pastor Paul Corner said.

But the volunteers don’t belong to a specific church group, non profit or a company, they are all neighbors.

“I was seeing what was going on, on Facebook I was seeing friends being laid off people struggling,” Rachel Duboff said.

So Duboff did something about it by creating "Neighbors Feeding Neighbors Seattle" on Facebook.

“We just launched a Bellevue branch they have their first delivery next week,” Duboff said.

The goal is for the neighborly movement to spread everywhere because demand is everywhere.

On Saturday dozens of people met outside Duboff’s home including Pastor Corner.

“We can always be good neighbors to each other there is things like this going around in the city but I think even just small ways just the ways people are checking in with the people they live near,” Corner said.

Volunteers can do a variety of things from preparing and sharing a home cooked meal to deliveries and making phone calls.

On Saturday, the group dropped off food feeding 50 people and in the past 5 weeks they have delivered hundreds of meals.

“We haven’t gotten our stimulus check yet and it’s been a total blessing,” Heidi Herman said.

Heidi and wife Coco say the meals they’ve received are heartwarming.

The couple owns Cat Ladies Cat Sitting, a small business they can’t operate right now so finances are tough.

“Seattleites can be kind of shy you know on the street the Seattle freeze people don’t interact very much but this showed me that I am surrounded by really kindhearted people and really caring people, it just gives me hope,” Coco said.

Hope is exactly what Rachel is going for.

“That we all care about each other and they are not alone in this I know I have felt alone in this process and then I get a phone call or someone drops flowers off,” Duboff said.

Duboff’s group is delivering meals to people in North Seattle but the goal is to expand. But they need more volunteers.

Duboff says even if you don’t want to leave your house there is a role for you.

If you want to volunteer or in need of food you can reach out on their Facebook page email