Ballot returns at nearly 73% in Washington with one day left in 2020 election

One day out from Election Day, nearly 73% of Washington state’s more than 4.8 million voters have already cast their votes.

The secretary of state’s office reported that as of Monday night, 3,545,289 ballots have been returned.

In 2016, about 52% of ballots had been returned by the night before the election.

In addition to voting for president and weighing in on 10 congressional races, voters will also decide on several statewide races including governor and lieutenant governor, scores of legislative races and a ballot measure on sex education.


Election officials have been preparing for turnout of up to 90%, which would surpass the previous record of 84.6% in 2008.

Of the state’s 39 counties, 26 saw returns of more than 70% by Monday night. Two counties were already topping 80% and 11 were above 60%. In King County, the state’s most populous county, 75.9% of voters have returned their ballots so far.

Voters have until 8 p.m. Tuesday night to drop their ballot at a dropbox or, if they mail it, it must be postmarked by Election Day.