Bainbridge Island councilman wants to celebrate 'I Didn't Reproduce Day' on Father's Day

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. -- Should Father's Day also be a time to celebrate those who don't have kids?

A councilman from Bainbridge Island is asking just that.

Councilman Ron Peltier says creating a day called "I Didn't Reproduce Day" will also celebrate saving the planet.

According to Peltier, our growing population and the impacts of humans are hurting the planet, which is why those who don't reproduce should be praised.

He wants to declare the new holiday on the third Sunday in June, also known as Father's Day.

"Climate change is probably the biggest challenge and threat we face right now, and the future of human beings on the planet," Peltier said.

Peltier says in the proclamation that we have special days to honor mothers and fathers, while so-called "childless members of society have traditionally been stigmatized for failing or choosing not to reproduce."

"Human beings who defer or abstain from procreation make a special contribution to humanity and to our biosphere, including with each deferred human birth, preventing 900 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the earth's atmosphere."

Not everyone was amused. Councilwoman Sarah Blossom says call it what you want, but "I Didn't Reproduce Day" is insensitive.

"I am the only person on this council who has not reproduced. I think it's very insensitive," she said. "Some people aren't able to. Some people make a choice not to, but that doesn't mean they're happy with the choice. It's not a day; it's not something to celebrate."

Peltier says he didn't mean to be insensitive, but he understands it's an "emotional" topic.

"I don't blame by colleagues for the way they reacted," he said. "I think when you bring up difficult issues, you have to be patient and you have to be understanding."

The mayor of Bainbridge Island, Kol Medina, says he gets Peltier's point. He said he and his wife considered not having children because of overpopulation. Still, Peltier didn't receive support for his proclamation from anyone on the council.