Baby born on side of I-5 in Oregon

MEDFORD -- A family in Oregon has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, after giving birth to a healthy baby girl on the side of I-5 early Wednesday morning.

While her legal name is Emma, her dad says she already has a nickname: "I-5." The freeway is even listed as the location of birth on her birth certificate!

Rachael, Emma's mom, told CNN that she was having contractions after midnight on Wednesday, and she was in so much pain on the drive to Providence Medical Center in Oregon, they had to pull over.

Her mother-in-law delivered the baby in the backseat of their car. She had 911 on the phone, but it didn't take long. Baby Emma was born in a matter of minutes.

This year, this Oregon family is counting its blessings on ten tiny toes and fingers.