Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month events kick off at Seattle Center

Events began at Seattle Center this weekend to kick off Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month.

Attendees are celebrating API culture, traditions and contributions. The event is part of Seattle Center's Festál, and is the 22nd year for the event; organizers hope to share API traditions across generations and with the people of Western Washington.

Many groups are involved, including the International Lion Dance team, Performing Arts Groups, the UW Vietnamese Student Association and The Kompany.

There's an eating contest in honor of the late long-time chair of the festival, Alan Sugiyama.

FOX 13 News also talked with a group of women—some as young as four years old—excited to perform dances focused on Chinese traditions, and highlighting all the minority ethnic groups of China.

"I think one of the messages we want to send to the audience is, you think you can dance? Absolutely. Everyone. Ours is for all. Ours is for no boundaries," said Didi Gonc of the Performing Arts Group.

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"As part of our event today, we will be sharing a little bit about upcoming presentations that will be virtual, and one is focusing on the Stop Asian Hate Movement," said API Heritage month chair, Peter Tsai.

More virtual segments will also continue throughout the month.

Organizers say they want to share all they can about their heritage and their traditions, so people can learn about their neighbors and the community.