Artist's father lends a hand to repair vandalized murals

SEATTLE — A despicable act of vandalism at the old Wilson-Pacific school left Native American murals covered with graffiti.

Now, the artist's father is helping clean up the graffiti.

Artist Andrew Morrison's dad, Gary Morrison, was spotted with three others Wednesday morning with a scrub brush and hose, desperately spraying his son's murals clean of white spray paint.

The cleaning crew had made some progress by 9 a.m., but still had plenty to do, he told Q13 FOX News.

Morrison said Tuesday the paint that vandals used is latex based, and removing it isn't impossible. He also believes the tagger painted his moniker over the murals.

“To my understanding DAP stands for ‘down around pike,’ a graffiti crew here in Seattle,” said Morrison. “And KILO means Kilo, you know, the writer, the crew.

“They signed their own name, you know, that’s the level of ignorance that’s rooted in this hate act,” he added.

Still, why anyone would bother to destroy a tribute to Morrison’s people escapes his reason.

“You have a price to pay with the Duwamish, with the Suquamish, with the Nez Perce, with the Apache people, the spirit of Geronimo, with the spirit of Sitting Bull … with the people that have sacrificed on the Trail of Tears,” he said.

Seattle police graffiti detectives are investigating the case.