Arlington woman finds stolen mail on road side delivers to owners

ARLINGTON, Washington -- If you`ve ever had you mail stolen you know what a violation it can be and it can lead to other crimes, like identity theft, so when a good Samaritan found that pile of stolen mail she did what she hopes someone would do for her; she delivered it.

Marysville’s Kathy Brooks is a victim of mail theft and didn't even know it until Sunday morning when a stranger knocked on her door.

"I was really concerned. It bothers me that people would do that,” mail theft victim Kathy Brooks said.

That stranger is Alycia Rich.

"I think they have a major lack of morals,” Rich said.

Rich lives about four miles away.

She was in her car with her husband when they spotted the stolen mail.

"I saw a bunch of mail just scattered all over the side of the road so my husband pulled over and went and picked it up and we cyphered through it and took it back to the rightful owners,” Rich said.

"I think we should all do that. If we can absolutely. If you see somebody's mail somewhere I think you should give it back to the people. Somehow re-deliver it,” Brooks said.

Mail theft is a huge problem and no neighborhood is immune.

Police say it is a problem that gets worse during the holidays because the bad guys know there is a greater chance that gift cards and checks are sent through the mail.

Rich doesn't think she did anything special.

It was the right thing to do, she says, plus she knows what it's like to be a victim.

"Our mail has been stolen three times in the couple of months and those people needed their mail to at least be aware somebody took their mail so they can decide what to do next,” Rich said.

Postal officials say the best way to protect your mail is to buy a locking mail box. They can be expensive but worth it. Otherwise the best advice is get your mail out of your mail box as soon as possible after it is delivered.