Archdiocese flooded with support for former Eastside Catholic administrator

SEATTLE -- The controversial firing of a popular Eastside Catholic vice principal and swim coach is still reverberating in the Seattle community. Now, supporters are petitioning to the Archdiocese, demanding he get his job back.

A petition supporting Mark Zmuda has nearly 20,000 signatures, and will be delivered to Archbishop J. Peter Sartain on Wednesday. The petition was organized by Faithful America, a nationwide online community of Christians committed to creating an accepting workplace for gay teachers.

"Please listen to the students at Eastside Catholic and reinstate their vice principal. If Pope Francis says he won't judge gays and lesbians, you shouldn't be firing them," the petition states.

Zmuda was fired from his job after he revealed that he married his longtime partner. This led to protest and outrage among local Catholic students, who walked out of class in protest.

People are also uniting over social media, using the hashtag #KeepMrZ2013. There are also Facebook and Twitter accounts in support of "Mr. Z."