App lets you donate while shopping

There is now an app that lets you direct money to a cause while you are shopping - without adding a penny to your bill.

The app is called "Benefit."

When you get to the checkout, either in person or online, just open the app and buy a gift card for your exact total.  Then use your new gift card to pay, instead of a debit or credit card.  When you do that, the app directs a percentage of your bill to whatever cause you have signed up to support.  You can even donate to a specific person within a non-profit organization; so if your child's school is having a fundraiser, you can easily donate in their name without ever writing a check.

The app does not work at every store just yet, but dozens of companies are on board, including Amazon, Delta, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and Whole Foods.  You can see the complete list here.