Anti-Shell Oil 'Kayaktivists' try to blockade oil rig

MUKILTEO - Dozens of anti-Shell Oil protesters attempted to blockade an oil drilling rig from sailing past Mukilteo Tuesday morning.

The 'Noble Discoverer' left the Port of Everett shortly after 3 a.m, heading south toward Mukilteo, Q13 Fox News reported. The oil rig had been docked at the Port of Everett, reportedly preparing to sail north to Alaska.

As the Noble Discovered passed Mukilteo, approximately 20 - 30 protesters (also knows as 'Kayaktivists') got into kayaks and paddled out in the direction of the oil rig.

The Coast Guard cited 5 protesters for 'knowingly violating' the 500 - yard safety zone around the Noble Discoverer, Petty Officer George Degener said.

Those protesters were brought to shore an issued civil violations, Degener said.

The U.S. Coast Guard said that no one was injured during the protest.