Court extends no-contact order against Pierce Co. Sheriff Ed Troyer for man suing him

A court has ordered Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer to stay away from Sedrick Altheimer, a Black newspaper carrier suing him and the county over a 2021 incident where Altheimer alleges racial discrimination. 

The order, filed by attorney Vonda Sargent, alleges that Troyer followed Altheimer on several occasions while he was driving his paper route.

Altheimer filed a claim last year seeking at least $5 million in damages following an incident on Jan. 27, 2021. On that day, Troyer called a department line used by law enforcement to gather information and said he "caught" Altheimer in his driveway and "he just threatened to kill me," court documents said.

Troyer faces charges of false reporting and making a false or misleading statement to a public servant. Troyer pleaded not guilty. 

He was formally charged by the Washington State Attorney General’s office following a months-long investigation. That trial begins July 11.

Troyer's lawyer said the sheriff has only had contact with Altheimer one time outside the initial 2021 incident. 

The order says Troyer is restrained from contacting Altheimer, following him, or being within 1,000 feet of his home or workplace. 

Troyer’s attorney, John Sheeran, sent a statement to FOX 13 that read: 

"Sheriff Troyer has not done anything to warrant the court entering an anti-harassment order.  The only interaction Sheriff Troyer has had with Sedrick Altheimer since January 2021 was when Sheriff Troyer was checking on his 84-year-old father in the early hours one morning in April 2022. Sheriff Troyer was parked outside his father’s residence when Mr. Altheimer pulled up to deliver a newspaper. Sheriff Troyer did not know who was approaching his father’s house and explained that it was his childhood home and his father’s house. As Mr. Altheimer was walking back to his car he identified himself to the Sheriff. The interaction was brief and non-confrontational.  Sheriff Troyer has had no contact with Mr. Altheimer since January 2021 other than this one incident. He has no desire to have contact with Mr. Altheimer whatsoever. It is unfortunate that today the pro tem judge decided to take the word of a person highly motivated by a pending civil lawsuit over a public servant with 37 years of dedicated service protecting the people of Pierce County. Sheriff Troyer will continue to serve the public as he was elected to do. He looks forward to a jury vindicating him." 

An anti-harassment order against Troyer was filed on behalf of Altheimer on May 24. A court extended the order on June 6. 

Independent investigation finds Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer violated department policies

An independent investigation led by former U.S. Attorney Brian Moran found that Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer violated several department policies and standards.