Another storm hits western Washington, more rain on the way

SEATTLE -- Even for those who have lived in the Pacific Northwest for a long time weather like what we’ve seen over the past week can make anyone say enough already.

"I think it make it harder for people to drive.  They're slipping around and losing control,” Dacotah Livdahl said.

Including pizza delivery driver Nick Sturman.

He's been dodging rain drops all day long.

"It's just wet, I don't know, I just been dealing with it I guess,” pizza delivery driver Nick Sturman said.

So have a lot of others whether they were driving or walking from one place to another it was nearly impossible to keep from getting wind-blown and rain drenched.

"I just graduated from Hawaii so it's pretty cold for me but I'm pretty used to the rain because I went to school in Hilo and we got about 150 inches of rain a year,” Livdahl said.

This latest round of wind and rain rolled in about six Sunday evening.

In Everett they were still dealing with storm damage from last night including a power malfunction that resulted in an unknown quantity of sewage being released into Port Gardner Bay Saturday night.

40 mile per hour wind gusts have been recorded.

Flooding was a problem in downtown Seattle and more power outages Sunday in Artondale, Lakebay and Vaughn on Key Peninsula.

"It's not good but I was just in the mountain yesterday and in the snow.  We need a little snow so that's all good,” driver Andy Thompson said.

We all get a break Monday.  Walter Kelley says it should be mostly dry with sunbreaks before yet another storms rolls in on Tuesday.