Animal shelter expects more strays during Washington's stay-home order

SEATTLE -- Spay and neutering animals is not an essential procedure under Washington's stay home order.

Now, a local shelter is expecting a surge of rescue animals and is hoping people home in quarantine will give their time to a new furry friend.

A litter of seven pit bull puppies are taking refuge at the Pasado's Safe Haven here in Western Washington after their family was no longer able to care for them.

"We were able to go in, take those puppies, bring them here, get them medical care, get them adopted out," said Stephanie Perciful, Sanctuary Director at Pasado's Safe Haven. "As soon as orders are lifted we are going to get mom and dad and we'll spay and neuter them also so we're not creating more puppies."

Rosey, named after Q13's very own David Rose, has already found a new home thanks to Rachel and Cory.

"She just had the personality we were looking for, not too outgoing but not too shy either," said Rachel McKinney.

Pasado's has about 200 animals up for adoption including potbelly pigs, one of which just gave birth to the most adorable piglets two days ago.

"We try to adopt them out in pairs," Perciful said. "Pigs always do better when they have a pig friend."

Then you have Bruce, big, fun, loving dog who escaped an abusive environment.

"We anticipate more and more people having to give up animals or needing help with animals because spay neuter not being deemed essential right now," said Perciful.

Pasado's Sanctuary director says they're really hoping to get these sweet animals adopted into their forever homes soon.

They are also expanding their pet food distribution from 4 to 14 locations across the PNW. They say monetary donations are always appreciated. Head to for more information.