American cities boost security after Paris attacks, NFL calls on football stadiums to stay alert

NEW YORK -- Police are increasing patrols in several American cities, in the wake of Friday's terror attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 people.

French consulates in New York and Boston are boosting security measures, and New York's governor called for more officers to patrol tourist destinations like Times Square.

Authorities said the stepped-up security is out of an abundance of caution -- not in response to a specific threat.

American football stadiums, including Seattle's CenturyLink, will also be on high alert Sunday. The NFL will increase security both inside and outside stadiums during all games.

The league has been in contact with security teams at stadiums with games scheduled.

NFL officials are asking them to carefully adhere to protocol, including the use of metal detectors, and requiring all bags be thoroughly searched.

In a statement Saturday, the NFL also recommended fans avoid bringing bags to games altogether, unless completely necessary.

The Department of Homeland Security told the league there are no known threats against stadiums at this time, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

In Seattle, Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole confirmed more officers will be on patrol around CenturyLink during Sunday night's game.