All-out race for control of Congress one year out of 2020 election

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – “We’ll be ready to take back this house,” Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA-12) said.

Allen said their party is ready to return to power in the currently Democratic-controlled House of Representatives and they’re honing in on what they call a ‘sham’ impeachment inquiry to do it.

“The Democrats have offered more subpoenas than they passed bills,” Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA-1) said.

Carter argued Democrats are more focused on the impeachment inquiry than anything else.

The GOP believes it is going to cost Democratic seats in 2020 and that’s why they’re upping their ground game.

“The American people are not for impeachment, they’re not for the partisan games,” Rick Gorka with the Republican National Committee said.

Gorka said they have launched an all-out “counter” impeachment effort and the campaign places a special focus on key swing districts.

“This type of bitter partisan approach is not good for this country, it’s divisive, and we’re there to inflict as much pain as possible on target democrats that want to go down this road,” Gorka added.

But Democrats in the House believe they have a strong case for impeaching the President and it’s a message the Democratic National Committee is spreading across the country.

“We’ve got organizers on the ground right now who are talking to voters today about Trump’s record of broken promises,” David Bergstein with the DNC said.

Bergstein said they’re showcasing the work of the Trump administration to voters ahead of 2020.

They believe his record will help keep Democrats in the majority in the House, give them the senate, and put a Democrat back in the White House.

“The DNC is making historic early investments across the battleground states to ensure that our eventual nominee has strong pathways to 270 electoral votes,” Bergstein added.

Both the RNC and DNC have organizers and volunteers on the ground already, making room for a competitive 2020 season.