Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney: Excitement over band in hometown Seattle 'humbling'

SEATTLE -- Alongside Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Alice in Chains was one of “The Big Four” to emerge from Seattle in the 1990s. Drummer Sean Kinney still calls the region home today.

The band’s latest album “Rainier Fog” comes out Friday. It’s their first in five years and they recorded it in Seattle last summer.

JAMIE TOMPKINS: What’s it been like for you recording this album in Seattle and coming back here and having these roots here, knowing that the people here in your home are so excited?

SEAN KINNEY: "It’s humbling. It’s overwhelming. I live here, you know, I was born here and I live here still; spend most of my time here. It’s cool, you know, you can cruise around, people are really nice and polite. And it’s changed a lot since I was a kid, obviously, but the essence is still the same."

In anticipation of “Rainier Fog”, the band is hosting a Seattle takeover with events all over the city. On Monday, they threw out the first pitch at the Mariners game. On Tuesday, they performed atop the Space Needle. And on Friday, they’re holding a pop-up shop and retrospective at The Crocodile in downtown Seattle. The historic music venue nearly closed its doors for good in 2007, but a group of local investors saved it, including Kinney, who’s proud to be part owner.

SEAN KINNEY: "The idea behind it is, it’s an important part of music history and what this city is about and it was looking like it was going to go away. Some of us came in to revamp it and save it. Places this size are really where 99% of music lives."

With over 30 million albums sold, 16 top ten hits and five No. 1 singles, Kinney says the music scene will continue to thrive here in Seattle as they help up-and-coming bands take the stage.

SEAN KINNEY: “We try to help out and give back in that way because we did that. People allowed us to do that when we were young, too, so we didn’t forget that either."

You can check out the event at The Crocodile on Friday:

Video from Tuesday's performance atop the Space Needle: