Airbnb reports big numbers for Seahawks season opener

SEATTLE -- Home-sharing company Airbnb is reporting big numbers for the Seahawks season opener against the Miami Dolphins. The company says about 8,500 guests are expected to arrive from Friday, September 9 to Sunday, September 11.

That's nearly one-third more guests in the Emerald City than a typical weekend.

Airbnb says 275 guests are coming from Florida, which is a 100% increase over a normal weekend.

The influx of football fans, of course, means big bucks Seattle's Airbnb hosts and businesses. The company says their hosts will earn over $3.1 million during Seahawks weekend with the typical host bringing in about $620.

Guests in Seattle will generate $700,000 in economic activity (average daily spending), the company cites. That’s over $3.5 million in total economic activity in one weekend.