Agencies ask drivers not to call 911 for non-injury crashes

SEATTLE -- Law enforcement agencies across the Puget Sound region are asking drivers not to call 911 for non-injury crashes due to the high volume of calls.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, the King County Sheriff's Office and the Kent Police Department have all made the request on their respective Twitter pages, but the rule applies to all areas experiencing high volumes of calls from the snowstorm.

If you've been in a minor crash without injuries, troopers and deputies are asking you to pull over to a safe place, exchange insurance and other information with the other driver or drivers involved, take photos and file a report online.

This will help to keep 911 lines open for more serious emergencies.

If you have non-emergency, snow-related issue in King County, you can also call King County’s 24/7 public hotline at 206-296-3830.

Seattle Police told Q13 in a phone interview Friday morning that even if you call 911 for a more serious emergency, it could take a while for law enforcement or medics to arrive because they're dealing with the same poor road conditions that we all are.

Click here for more resources from Washington State Patrol on how to file a collision report online.