After thief stole girl's '12' spirit, community helps turn family's home into Seahawks shrine

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- It was a crime that left a little, autistic Lake Stevens girl devastated.

Someone stole her Seahawks flags -- and her spirit -- right from her front porch.

But what the neighbors did afterwards mended her broken heart -- and more.

Seven-year-old Maribrooke probably has a better Seahawks house than most 12s and she's got some really cool Hawks memorabilia, too.

"The 12th Man flag signed by Russell Wilson. That was pretty cool. Some guy came and dropped that off for us," Maribrooke’s mom, Mari Morehouse, said.

That's right -- someone stopped by and gave Maribrooke a Russell Wilson autographed flag.

Someone else dropped off a sign, another a picture and countless other things just kept coming for weeks.

"When people started just bringing stuff, hand over fist, just one person after another -- it went on for about three weeks," Morehouse said.

To see the depth of the community's generosity, one simply has to look at the house from the outside.

In the front yard, Homer Simpson is a 12. Santa is, too, and so is Maribrook's favorite -- the abominable snowman -- and there's so much more.

"He put the flag pole up and then he built the goal posts to put up more flags and we kept adding to it and making it as big as possible because we felt like, you gave us this stuff so we're going to put up something big for you,” Morehouse said of her generous contributors.

And indeed they have.

As drivers pass the house, most honk their horn in support.

The family doesn’t know how many lights there are or how much their electric bill will be and it really doesn't matter. They say they do it all for a generous community from a grateful family.

"That's kind of how we feel about it all is that, it's not really ours. We're just kind of the keepers of it. We took all this stuff and we're putting up the big display. It’s been a lot of fun. It's been really cool,” Morehouse said.

The family says they threw it together and they plan to do it right next year.

Maribrooke is doing well but she`s kind of shy and doesn't like to talk much. Her favorite Seahawks player is another person who doesn't like to talk much -- you guessed it; Marshawn Lynch.