After lobbying, North Kitsap High parents allowed at football games

The cheers and the plays on a football field in Poulsbo had an audience. Not cardboard cutouts like usual, but actual people.

 It’s the first time North Kitsap High School football players saw their parents in the stands this season.

"It’s so eerie to come out there and it’s silent before the ball. At least we can hear our parents chanting our names in the stand, so it feels amazing," North Kitsap High student Cache Holmes said.

Parents of seniors at North Kitsap found out Friday that they would be allowed into Saturday’s game to watch their team play against Bainbridge High school.

Parents said it took a petition and a lot of lobbying the school district to get here.

"Kind of went through the right channels, the power of the people won out and really good to see senior parents here," North Kitsap head football coach Jeff Weible said.

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Cache’s mom, Melisa Holmes, said she has never missed watching her son play football, even if that means just through a live stream this year.

"The live stream was a bit shaky and we missed the big finish of game one," Melisa said.

So it was a big deal to see her son play in person before the season is over.

"This is it for the seniors, you know, it’s a five-game season and they are playing their hearts out," Melisa Holmes said.

It made all the difference to see and hear their parents rooting them on.

"It feels amazing. I mean, all the work I put in the last four years playing high school football, it feels so good because I owe it all to them," Cache said.

North Kitsap High School won Saturday’s game with a big margin, 61 to 8.

As for statewide rules, right now it says only 200 people are allowed inside of a game.

For some schools, that does not leave any room for spectators.