After complications, Logan the 'bucket list' puppy's surgery was unsuccessful

FORT COLLINS,  Colo. — The surgery for the weeks-old puppy that traveled to Colorado from western Washington was unsuccessful on Thursday.

Veterinarians at Colorado State University were unsuccessfully able to perform the heart surgery on Logan, a 12-week-old German Shepherd puppy, after two complications during the process.

However, veterinarians say that an open heart surgery in 6-8 months (when he’s fully grown) could do the trick.

Not long after the pup arrived at Rescued Hearts Northwest in Bellingham, Washington, he was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, and vets said he didn’t have long to live.

His fosters and caretakers at the rescue organization came up with a puppy bucket list for Logan and he quickly went viral on social media. That’s when vets at Colorado State saw the story and said they could perform the surgery.

Thanks to generous donors,  Logan got a private plane ride to Colorado.