Advocates for safer gun use believe laws and regulations may help end violence

Advocates for safer use of guns believe laws and stricter regulations could put an end to gun violence, however some say more laws are not the answer.

Activists on both sides of the gun control argument are reacting to two mass shootings in the United States over the weekend, one in El Paso, Texas, that killed 20 people and another in Dayton, Ohio, that killed nine people and injured 20 others.

In Washington, lawmakers passed several new laws focused on gun violence this year.

“If we don’t call talk about it and call it out as something that exists on a regular basis we’re not going to get to the point where we’re preventing it,” said Tallman Trask.

Trask is the policy and advocacy director for the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

He says laws and regulations on guns and owners, can help put a stop to gun violence.

“We have huge holes in our laws. We have things we should be doing and could be doing that we’re not doing,” said Trask.

However, some gun advocates say stricter regulations are not the answer.

“We all don’t want gun violence,” said Tiffany Teasdale. “At what point are we going to start worrying about the person behind the weapon,” she added.

Teasdale is the owner of Lynnwood Gun.

She says there are plenty of gun laws already in effect that are not enforced correctly.

“We have a lot of broken systems that need to be fixed,” she said. “Let’s patch the holes that are in place right now,” she added.