Adorable, high-maintenance fat cat Bruno seeks a permanent home

MORTON GROVE, Ill. — A fat cat in the Chicago suburbs is getting a lot of attention after a shelter posted an adoption ad describing the unique feline.

Bruno came to Wright-Way Rescue in Morton Grove in April and has been stealing hearts ever since, according to the shelter at 5915 N. Lincoln Ave.

The 7-year-old polydactyl cat tips the scale at 25 pounds. He likes to stand on his hind legs and is described as "a chatty kitty" that meows often and likes to be pet while he eats.

Bruno has a rather refined lifestyle that comes with a list of likes and dislikes that must be observed.

He's happy to play, but only with his feather wand toy.

If you're going to give him food, don't just fill the bowl and walk away – Bruno likes pets while he eats. If you forget, he's happy to meow and stare until you remember.

He's a big boy who drinks lots of water, but never from a bowl in the kitchen where his food is, only from a dish in a separate room.

"I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only," according to the shelter. "Yes, I know I am EXTRA."

The shelter says that, aside from the quirks, Bruno is "a pretty laidback, lazy cat" who just wants to be around his owners.

Sound like a good fit?

Reach out to the shelter at or 847-728-5434.